Product Reviews with Jimsta



Having spent the past decade in the BDSM scene, not only in the public eye, but behind closed doors. I have had the chance to get my hands on some brilliant toys as well as some absolute junk. What bothered me most was not the fact that poor quality toys were pushed in our faces, but the fact that some companies were cashing in by charging top dollar for something because they wrote “BDSM” on the box.

So who am I? What am I going on about? The answers are simple.

Just like many of you, I’m a person that likes to play and I have a good toy collection. Just like many of you, I have fallen for the BDSM sticker on items and bought some things online that turned out to be absolute crap. However, I’ve also bought things online that ended up with absolute gems. And I couldn’t in good conscience allow any more of the awesome people I’ve met in the lifestyle go through the same trials I went through, trying to find a good toy that won’t fall apart during use, or leave permanent damage to our play partners and friends.

What makes me so special and suited to give oyou advice on this? My brutal honesty and a good knowledge in toys from all elements of play. Also being a switch, I get to trial the toys from both ends.

How will I do it? Simple! By use of a rating system out of 10, and a good description of the look, feel and effect of the toy I’ll be sampling.

So please join me on my pursuit to weed out the good stuff from the bad in my toy reviews, where I will test, try and honestly write about as many toys on the market as I can, ranging from big companies, through to the intricate hand made local toys.

Play safe,

Note to artisans and manufacturers; if you would like me to review your product, email me at