Subspace, aftercare, subdrop. What an absurd collection of concepts that must have been invented by the weak of mind. Perhaps it is simply an attempt to enamour ye old kink to promote its exclusivity, manufacture a measure of mystery. I had the opportunity to attend a public BDSM party rooted in fantasy, hosted by this great country's "Alpha Fetish Store" located at a venue not known to nice old ladies at the bingo parlour. This is where I would begin to understand these concepts.

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    Charles  January 30, 2015 at 5:42 am

    Great story. This sort of reminds me of my own experience in realizing I am a sub. Reminding me of the first time I ever attend a fetish play party. Almost a story a similar to my own. Maybe I may have my own story to tell. It is always interesting to read about other peoples experience in their introduction into the wonderful fetish world!

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