You often hear these words mention in BDSM circles. Some people say them flippantly and some people regard them rather solemnly. How many people actually stop for a moment to consider what these three pillars actually mean and why they are so important to our lifestyle?


Many practices in BDSM are potentially harmful, whether it be emotionally, psychologically or physically. Safety is about reducing the possibility of harm on all parties involved. Yes, all parties involved. The Dominant is often forgotten about when these things are mentioned because people cannot fathom how the one behind the cane could suffer. As a Dominant myself, I tell you that it is quite easily.

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  • Profile photo of miss Vikki
    miss Vikki  September 11, 2014 at 11:37 am

    Very well put m’lady.
    Everything should be consensual. Even if the scene is ‘forced’.

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