Sexual self realisation is something I talk about in several of my blog posts, but really it’s a very BIG concept! Maybe even too big for this one article – but I’m going to try. The tagline on my website defines the Exciting Adventures of Sexy Red Rose as an Amazing Journey of Self Discovery and Sexual Awakening. Having lived to tell the tale, I can tell you this is no small thing!

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    Scorpiogirl  September 22, 2014 at 12:27 am

    First time hearing this story. inspired as this is a very similar journey I am on.
    lots of parallel’s except experience D/s relationship for 8 years not realising what it was as a teenager. So buried the true me in a vanilla marriage for 23years!
    Thank you for staying you have to learn about you…. I am so enjoying my journey of building self esteem.

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