I have just returned from a trip to Boston and New York City where I was lucky enough to catch up with old friends and make a whole heap of new ones.

Boston is a wonderful place. It is where I conducted my first workshop in 2013. The topic was spanking and I was nervous as hell. I was worried my bottom was not going to be satisfied. I was worried the crowd were not going to learn anything they didn’t already know. And I was worried it was going to be my last.

Instead it was to branch my career in yet another direction. I just loved it and now there are many Bostonians spanking away who were not spanking before. I could not be more proud!

Mid May 2016 I travelled there again to conduct some more workshops; this time Welcome to BDSM and Negotiations & Informed Consent. They were a wonderful success. I was delighted to see so many people coming to the lifestyle in a State where marriage equality is law but many consensual BDSM acts are still considered assault. It takes bravery to be true to yourself when you live under a system that persecutes you for who you are. I applaud them all and feel for my brothers and sisters in kink around the world who cannot freely express themselves.

But then, of course, I went to New York. Where you could wear another person on your head in public and not stand out. My, how I love New York. The people, the food, the lights, the shopping. Did I mention the food? In Australia, we have far stricter regulations on what can be fairly called “food”. Eating in New York is the gastronomic equivalent of base jumping for us Aussies; exciting as hell but we’re never sure if it’s going to kill us.

Anyway, in the Big Apple I was fortunate enough to teach three workshops; Meet Lady Hecate (which was a Q & A over lots of that dangerous and delicious “food” I talked about earlier), Fire Play and Advanced Impact Play. I had so much fun! New Yorkers sure know how to play. I wish I could have stayed longer but I would not have been able to fit into the airline seat to come back before long.

I also had the pleasure of shopping at Purple Passion. What a store! I am not ashamed to say I stocked up pretty big. Impact tools, weights, insertables, leather goods… Damn those airline weight restrictions! But if you’re around, you must stop in. Let them know Lady Hecate sent you.

Actually, it looks like I may be back before long. Next time I’m back in the States I’m very likely to be doing some workshops for The Kink Academy, so keep your eye on things and I’ll let you know when that’s all happening.

But for now I’m glad to be back on home soil. See you around the Lair.

Lady Hecate

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  • Profile photo of sassy
    sassy  May 26, 2016 at 3:56 am

    I was one of the lucky ones to spend time with you- and your next visit- well I WILL be healthier 🙂
    You are even more lovely in person, and I just wish I was able to dedicate more time to you.
    Love you, Madam

  • Profile photo of slavenaomiOwned
    slavenaomiOwned  May 26, 2016 at 9:32 am

    Wonderful my Lady and good work all round.

    slave bows low and little dances x xxx

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