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Introducing Discreet Alley

Discreet Alley is an exclusive e-emporium developed by Melbourne local, Alley Doe. Being a Vanilla sort of girl, Alley’s first experience with adult pleasure products started with a typical and altogether clichéd 2am visit to her local Club-X.

“The tackiness is intimidating, you can’t approach the guy behind the counter who looks like Boy George and Freddie Kruger’s love child because he looks like he might have a serious case of wandering hands,” she says. Facing disappointment and gaudy awkwardness, she turned to the e-tailing with limited success. “I’m a shopper. I love buying quality and I love being comfortable with my purchase and the purchasing environment,” she says.

Given her dissatisfaction with the current situation, Alley developed a comfortable online shopping experience that is not only seductive in it’s initial impression but also targets those looking for quality. “Pleasure is treated so cheaply in today’s market place; if you want to spend you can’t because your market mix turns to cheap no name substitutes. I believe that pleasure should be looked at differently,” she concludes.

As a affiliate of The Lair of Lady Hecate, Alley brings an innocent flirtatious approach to business and strongly advocates the safe, sane and consensual philosophy. “I was in a bad place at one point in my life, as lot of survivors have been. I believe that by raising adult pleasure products out of the muck and showing them as a tool for confidence we can really do some good.”

Alley will be providing fortnightly product reviews for your information and entertainment. Please welcome her aboard!

Product Reviews