Swinger, Australia.

I have been a swinger for over 4 years and i went continously to a venue in which i trusted and i made friends with the staff and i thought that it was such a safe environment. Until one night, it was Australia day a fetish night was held i dressed up so sexy and i love to give a sexy impression. I saw a guy i had played with before i flirted and he wanted to head upstairs and his wife followed(in which i didnt know her) i told him that remember condoms are a must and i just thought why not it will be fun so we headed to a room. In the room things were going fine until i was on my back the wife sat on my face and he took then condom off i tried to say stop but the wife muffled with her pussy ( i have been raped and abused before and i shut down) i struggled but he smacked my hips and then tried to stick in my ass which didnt work in the end i just had to wait till it was over.

I finally went downstairs and told my partner and my friends told the staff. They didnt call the cops they didnt even put a effort into looking for the couple. I left the venue and called the police and contacted the venue in the end the venue after years of going. I got told im a liar and i got threatened with legal action in the end they banned me from the venue and swept it under the rug. It hurts as i have alot of friends in the swinging scene but now i see them out side of that venue. My advice to women or couples going to venues is to go into a room with a spotter whether it be your partner or friend take someone with you no matter what. Also make sure if anything happens go to the police and get tests done because it will help your case. Also don’t blame yourself because you are awesome and just cause this happened to you doesnt make you less of a person.

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