Anonymous, submissive, 43.

I was visiting with my former stepfather and he was away at school at the time. His ex was there and she got some beer we started drinking. Before I knew it, I was drunk and the next thing I know my clothes are off and she has me on the bed. I said “stop stop! What are you doing” and I felt so weak. She was on top of me just having her way and then I must have past out because I wake up the next morning. I was just ashamed and humiliated and I felt so used. I just wanted to take a shower and it was like no matter how much soap I used it felt like the filth wasn’t coming off. And for a long time I never told anyone the full story because I was so ashamed of myself. Like what’s wrong with me? I guess that’s why I have the self-esteem issues I have and am always pushing myself in the gym.

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    Dorothy  September 14, 2014 at 2:02 pm

    there is nothing wrong with you, it’s them. they have the problem.
    wake up in the morning look at yourself in the mirror and say ” I am good enough and no one can take that away from me anymore ”
    this I am just starting to believe myself.

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