by Ms B, kinkster, USA.

I survived my father wanting sex with me.
I had sex with my step brother. He then, when I moved out at 19, raped my little sister 6 years younger than I.
My uncle, dad’s brother, still to this day tells me he wants to fuck me. I have heard this since I was 14 and now am in my 40s.
I used to wake up in the middle of the night to find a dark shape in my room. This dark shape sometimes was very near my bed. I was scared.
Some nights this dark shape had hands under my covers and I woke up because my body was starting to become aroused. Yes, in my sleep I became aroused. The hands were talented. Yes, sometimes I pretended to sleep and enjoy those talented hands. Who was the dark shape? Older brother? Younger step brother? My father? I did not know.

My father disowned me at 19 and I did not see him except on social media. He is now dead. No, I did not go to the funeral. I lost his side of the family as they disowned me at that time too. What did I do that was so bad to be disowned? I told the military people what my fears were about my father and asked permission to leave. You see we were overseas and I could not leave. My money was taken from me each time I got a pay check. I had no way to leave.

Once I found my way State side I was lost. I roamed California for a while. Then I made my way back to my birth state where my mother’s side of the family lived. My parents divorced when I was 12 and even though dad was an alcoholic and beat my little sister to the point to hospitalization, we ended up living with dad. Why? What mother would give up her kids to such a person? A woman who found another man and told us kids we were in her way for happiness. So we got shipped out to dad.

He was remarried by then. And they broke up. He married another one. She died. He married another one after I left and I never met her. Dad died and she will not respond to Christmas cards nor condolences. Bitch.

I have 4 children of my own and vowed to be nothing like my parents.
So I have succeeded.
Oldest child is 21 and very good with money.
Middle older one went in military and is happy with it.
Younger two are still at home.
Our communication is good and they tell me most things about their day to day stuff.

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