Being under 20 years old and have already been subjected to a sexual attack. I have learned that one in three women is subject to sexual assault before the age of 18. That’s insane, just think about it.

Since that happened, I have been trying to slowly reintroduce myself into the kink scene. I have met some great people and through them have had some amazing experiences that have reminded me of what I had been missing. I love it all and am getting greedy for more.

During my recent adventures, I came across a troubled soul who helped me experience some new things. Inescapably, a bond formed between us and we ended up in a sexual relationship.

Mr G (as I will call him for his privacy) was able to assist me in my own journey of self discovery.

The first time we had sex, it was gentle and sweet. Something was uncomfortable, but I persisted. Though during the night, I went up to go pee and I noticed that I was spotting a little blood. No big deal, the body does strange things sometimes.

So I went back to bed and a little later, we had sex again. He was rougher this time. Really thrusting hard and it was painful. Afterwards we fell asleep but a little while later, I woke up again.

I felt a wetness around my groin and got up to inspect. There was blood everywhere. I panicked and called out for him. This is where I learned of his genital piercings. It seems that this piercing tore the inner walls of my vagina to shreds. When I asked him about it, he said rather nonchalantly, “yep, that’s happened before”.

I cleaned myself up and scrounged in my handbag hoping to find my emergency period supplies. Success! I found a super tampon and used that in the hope it would stop the flow of blood. In the 15 minutes it took me to drive home, I had soaked through the useless tampon, my clothing and the car seat. At this point I realised it was quite a bit more serious than I initially thought and took myself off to the hospital.

In the Emergency Room, I was treated by a lovely doctor who took care of me and explained what was happening internally. Yes, the walls of my vagina were shredded by the piercing. Over the next few days, his words started to repeat in my head. “Yep, that’s happened before.” He knew what would happen. He had done this to other women. How many others? Why didn’t he tell me?

The bleeding persisted for almost a full week. He had been persistently calling me, sending text messages, and contacting me on social media. The messages were affectionate and angry; he demanded my attention and became inflamed when I was too busy or disinclined to respond immediately. So I decided to meet up with him again.

During this occasion, he tried to have sex with me again. I told him that I had only just stopped bleeding and that the doctor had informed me that sex was a definite no go considering the extent of my injuries. But that did not seem to matter to him. Being significantly older, he had the edge on me when it came to talking people into things. Being a chronic people pleaser, I could not take anymore. Eventually, I was guilted into having sex with him again.

No prizes for guessing what happened. The piercing was still in and my freshly clotted vaginal walls burst open again and the blood ran. After that, so did I.

I wonder now how many more people he will assault in this way. I may have consented to the sex but I did not consent to being torn up. I am still healing; physically and emotionally.

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    Alan  January 2, 2015 at 6:31 am

    Reading this story makes my blood boil. I really hope that Mr G is taken out of circulation before he can harm anyone else. Preferably by having those damn piercing forcibly removed.

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